Your Time-bound Married life

Geplaatst op 24-04-2024

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Time to think!

Is it Right?

You are always thinking only of your children and your jobs in a time-bound scale

You are exhausted.

You are going from pillar to post, so no time to think of yourselves.






Your weekend time is set partly for chores around the house.

Perhaps you both are starving for time and you are really empty for want of time for other affairs such as romance and intimate friendship.

Here are some warning signs.

Your life is devoted only to your child. Even though you wish you to have time for romance, it is out of reach. You are in danger.

You are going here and there without concentrating too much on the affairs of your spouse.  Be aware of a possible danger.

You both are very sensitive. You feel irritated with little provocation. Something may have happened.

Both of you find it difficult to cope with the current situation.  Disagreement and misunderstandings always haunt you.

It is several days passed since you sat together. You forget your date and life because you both were too busy to see each other.

Is a Solution Necessary?

By all means “Yes”

If you have expectations and dreams in your marriage, you can see some solution to your long-pending problems. If your work is time-consuming, one finds a way to trim it so that you can find a place to sit quietly. Taking stock of daily work both of you are doing is the way to improve the situation, and finding that some changes are necessary do immediately.

As a husband and wife, you should have your own time and world, at least for some time every day. Keep the husband-wife relationship up.

Remember to give your spouse any of the following, whenever you think it is necessary, if possible everyday:

Kiss or a hug, a slight head massage or a back rub, a morning snuggle or playing a game, taking a walk or just a daily chat, listening to music or play a game and so on.

Living a balanced life is not so easy for most. But you can make a change in your life. Trying to make your life more pleasant means you have got the technique of how to live a peaceful life.

Social activities, working overtime, chores, etc. are though better in your life, they can have a negative affect if there is too much.

Don’t read the newspaper with a determination that you have to read it completely.  Watching the news every night, reading twitter and RSS fee etc. are good for consuming your time.  Don’t allow them to steal your time even though they are all necessary.

At least one date night each month should be reserved for both of you. Don’t change that date.

If you can send emails, try it, as it is the best way to communicate with each other.

Try to make the most of your rare moments. Let your love grow unlimited, with a limited time.